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The DF Concours #6 & #10 Orbital Polisher Bonnets
Both size bonnets are ideal for removing and buffing waxes and polishes.They are completely reversable so you get two usable sides per bonnet. Washing them in hot water will completely remove any wax residue and ready them for your next detailing project.
Our #6 buffing bonnets will fit all standard foam pads from 5 to 7 inches. They may fit some 7.5" thinner pads.
Our #10 Bonnets will fit standard 10-11 inch pads.
#6 Bonnet fits all pads from 5" to 7" in diameter
Two bonnets to a pack for $7.75
Save on a #6 Bonnet 6-pack $22.30
#10 Bonnet fits all pads from 10" to 11" in diameter
Two bonnets to a pack for $12.10
Save on a #10 Bonnet 6-pack $35.30

The DF Concours Cord Sock
This comes direct from the "WHY DIDN'T THEY THINK OF THIS BEFORE" department! Slip one of these over your buffer's power cord or your drop light and you will never again have to worry about the cord scratching your paint. No more looping the cord over your shoulder or through your belt. Of course it's made from our AlpineFiber™ so it won't scratch and it's completely machine washable. It's also useful on: • power drill cords • drop lights • air hoses • or anything else that may accidentally come into contact with your car.
35 inches long $9.99
Save on a Cord Sock 6-pack $55.99

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